Kwame AI: Your Personal Knowledge Assistant

Kwame will enable you to 10X your knowledge work!

  1. Instant Answers

    Ask Kwame questions and get instant answers from our well-curated domain knowledge base or across YOUR documents from subjects you create (with only 3 clicks!)
  2. API Access

    Make API calls of questions to your custom subject and get instant answers. Integrate in your own platform
  3. Use Cases

    Can be used as AI Teaching Assistant, Learning Assistant, Financial Assistant, Legal Assistant, Research Assistant, Customer Support Assistant etc. By Students, Teachers, Lawyers, Analysts, Consultants, Researchers, Customer Support Agents etc.
  4. Coming Soon

    Ask Kwame via speech, 1-click integration with your data sources (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox, Notion), generate summaries across your documents (paper abstracts), generate domain specific content (legal contracts, sections in scientific papers) etc

Join the 800+ users and try out Kwame AI (Beta) now below

Preview of Kwame AI
Preview of Kwame AI